Our Story

Kayla Joy is a multi-talented singer/ songwriting musician, born in Columbus, Ohio. As a young girl, Kayla Joy spent time living in Eastern Africa with her parents, however she now resides in Richmond, Va. with her family.
Kayla started singing in church at the impressionable age of 8 years old.  As a high school student, Kayla realized that she wanted to sing professionally and began to take her potential career into a new direction.
With an array of cultural experiences, she has developed a passion for reaching people all over the world through her music. In 2016, Kayla Joy was selected to sing and perform with the stage play "Sister Act", touring Austria and Germany.

As a rising star, Kayla Joy knows that her gifts and talents are a blessing that she wants to share with the world. Kayla Joy has a heart and passion for the entertainment industry.  She has a fire for music that is burning so bright that nothing can put it out.

With Kayla Joy's soft pure voice, humble nature & genuinely kind spirit, she will undoubtedly win the hearts of her fans and potential fans all over the world.

"Those who choose to sing always find a song, so no matter, just keep singing and create the soundtrack to your life"

Kayla Joy